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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Storm on June 12th 2015

June 12th 2015 was a day that the people of Medicine Hat will remember and talk about for years. What a Storm we had. Here are some of the pictures of the aftermath.

This young lady shows off her muscles! 

115 year old trees were torn out of the ground
like they were toothpicks, lifting cement sidewalks.

These trees came down at Alexandra Jr. High School.

Prospect Drive SW. The Crows were crying, looking
around the broken trees for their nests and loved ones.

A large Russian Olive tree downed by the JW Church.

The parking lot across from the Hospital had
several large Evergreens that fell.

A couple of cars that weren't so lucky during the Storm.

Many trees took down power lines. 

Everywhere you looked there were trees laying on the ground. 

Some trees were holding other trees up! 

They looked like pieces of Art where they were snapped off. 
Large branches laying on top of people houses. 

One of many houses damaged.

Very humbling to see. 

Ancient tree branch down in Central Park SE Hill area.
Luckily this Park didn't have a lot of damaged trees. 

Corner on 9th St SE.

Quite a bit of damaged at the Cemetery. 

Roots torn out of the ground in minutes.

Most damage at the Cemetery was the South side nearest the Airport. 

A Storm we will never forget. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Nations Dancers

First Nation Dancers
in Medicine Hat Alberta Canada
Events are in July and August

Click on the Link

First Nation Dancers

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

January, February 2013

January 2013 Winter Snow

 Snow on the wagon wheels
 Sunset in January
 Old Cars resting
 Old Sheds leaning
 Burro's with winter coats
 There are still a few Red Barn's left!
 Old Grey Barn circa 1902
 Old cars resting
 Old trucks resting
 A beautiful winter's day. Echo Dale Coulee
 Red Rock Coulee
 Sweetgrass Hills in Montana in the distance.
Amazing how one can see hundred's of miles away from here.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review Medicine Hat Part 2

2012 Review Medicine Hat Part 2

 River's high from Summer rains
 A lazy summer day
 First cut
 Number 3 highway is looking good thanks to Riverside Contracting
 Crops are looking healthy
 A sea of grain
 Beautiful crops
 A cool dip on a hot summer's day
 A very hot July day at the MH Stampede grounds
 Playful Cats

 Car show

 First Nations performers
 Inside the Tipi
 Quilts on display
 Prize winning preserves
 First Prize
 Floral Display
 Margaret Butuk works

 The Number 3 Highway is finished!
 August Crops
 Lone Tree
 August Flowers
 Reminders of our past
 A terrible year for Flies
 A healthy Garden
 Weiner Roast
 Time to harvest
 Bringing in the Sheaves
 Pretty prairies
 It's October
 Bountiful Harvest
 Dust Storm
 Prairie Spider
 First Snowstorm
 Alice Cooper Rocks Medicine Hat in November
 Santa brings Christmas Wishes

Jesus is the reason for the season. 
After Christmas brings us to today, December 31st 
and the end of a wonderful year! 
Happy New Year 2012 
to you and yours 
from all of us in 
Medicine Hat, Alberta